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Pro-Adjuster Chiropractic Treatment in Toms River

Wouldn't it be great if treatment could not only be simple and comfortable but you could actually see what was going on inside with a visual representation of your spine? Now you can.

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Pro-Adjuster Treatment

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Sigma Pro Adjuster treatment is the latest mode of sensing, analyzing and treating spinal subluxations.  This is also the first ever method of a patient being able to “see” on a video screen the graphic representation of the relative alignment of vertebrae before and immediately after treatment. The treatment is quick, easy and comfortable and is accomplished with the patient simply leaning forward in a special chair and resting on a cushion.    The Chiropractor uses a hand held sensor probe to read each vertebrae and you see a curved line representing your vertebrae pop up on the monitor. You then watch as the Chiropractor once again applies the probe but this time you feel a series of taps on your spine. It doesn’t feel like much but because the energy is highly focused and targeted to the precise location a gentle yet highly effective adjustment is indeed made. And you can actually “see” it on the monitor.  You see the graphic lines representing before and after.

In cases where physical legal evidence is required for some purpose the Pro-Adjuster’s visual representations and documentation can be invaluable.

Most importantly Pro Adjuster treatment is fast, easy, comfortable and convenient.

What patients say about the Pro-Adjuster:
“It was like Star Trek with Bones (Dr. McCoy) running a probe over my back and after analyzing the readings, gently making adjustments with the same instrument to my spine without any complicated old school procedures.  The first time you do it, it’s like - wow the future has really arrived!”
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Pro Adjuster in use on spine and cervical
Pro Adjuster in use on cervical spine

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Chiropractors in Toms River
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